Cocoplum beach San Andres

 Cocoplum beach San Andres

Cocoplum beach San Andres – come to know and enjoy the beautiful cocoplum beach on the island of San Andres in the sector of San Luis and enjoy your well-deserved vacation with a tourist package to cocoplum beach in San Andres … if it is your wish you can stay at the hotel cocoplum beach of San Andres islands where you will be very well attended!

Cocoplum beach San Andres

My greeting to you, my traveling friend, that you take enough time to read and evaluate each and every one of my articles that deal exclusively with the topic of tourism and travel to the island of San Andres, as well as the best way to Acquire a good and economical lodging on the island. Now … I have prepared a very special theme for you, it is another tourist place on the island of San Andres and it is nothing more nor less than cocoplum beach.

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I will tell you that this beautiful site is located in the San Luis area and like the bay of Cove which I spoke to you in a previous chapter, it is a place that has a high degree of tranquility because it is far from the commercial center of the city and There you can only hear the continuous beat of the waves and the sea breeze that caresses the palms of the coconut trees producing a slight and subtle murmur.

The beautiful and Caribbean cocoplum beach in San Andres is a tourist attraction par excellence that you must visit yes or yes … well in its soft and white sands, adorned by a large number of coconut trees, hence its name cocoplum and those crystal clear and calm waters that continually They are inviting you to give you a refreshing bath and in this way live fascinating moments in real contact with the wise nature that offers you all these charms for your delight, away from the noise and in a distinctly tropical and Caribbean environment.

Do you imagine yourself in a hammock hanging on two palm trees and enjoying a delicious and comforting “Coco loco“? … well, this is not so difficult to achieve, in this portal, you can find a very good flight booking and cheap hotel to cocoplum beach In San  Andres, it’s only a matter of your decision!

If you do not have enough with what I have told you so far, I will tell you that just 50 meters from Cocoplum beach you can find another beautiful place that is separated from the beach by a kind of natural pool inhabited by thousands of multicolored and mischievous fish that They are going to decorate your view, it is the fantastic rocky cay in San Andres, which derives its name from being very rocky and there you will be able to see the remains of a ship that ran aground in this place many years ago. which is another of the reasons that attract visitors to their tourism  on the island of San Andres.

Also worth the special invitation to find out about other very interesting places that are part of San Andres tourism in this article created especially for you with the name of cheap flights to san andres and tourism on the island and this way you have already formed an idea of the sites that you are going to visit, and incidentally I want you to read and values this other very nice and cozy place of tourism on the island … it is the very famous Blowhole on the island of San Andres  And already with this, I end this reading not without first recommend a similar reading about the beautiful beaches of the Bahia El Cove and at the same time give you my thanks for giving me part of your time in reading my articles … until always!

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