West view San Andrés and La piscinita

West view San Andrés and La piscinita

West view San Andrés and La piscinita —  animate to enjoy this natural charm of the island of San  Andrestravel and know West view on the island of San Andres swimming in the company of beautiful fish of beautiful colors and enjoy the underwater landscape in its waters more than 8 meters deep

West view  San Andrés and La piscinita in San Andres


How about my friend and faithful reader … talking about each and every one of the charms of the island of San Andres, now it is the turn of a charming tourist site … it is the pool in San Andres, place where you will have fun in the best way, launching from the trampoline, slipping on the slide or down the stairs that take you to the waters of this quiet and cozy site, you can also launch from the rocky surface and feel as you go down to the bottom of more than 9 meters deep surrounded by thousands of minnows of beautiful colors.

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Its name of natural swimming pool, it is because this place was created by the wise nature with the passing of the years, by the effect of the beat of the waves it was slowly pierced and as a work of architecture was giving semicircular shape to a kind of pool on the coral cliff to see what is now this fantastic place of recreation for adults and children.

The tourist is strongly advised to wear shoes to protect their feet in San Andres pool because there is no beach at this place, the surface is very rocky and has some moderately sharp segments that can cause carving or small cuts, as well as carrying Your mask to dive into its waters and to observe the beautiful underwater landscape and of course an underwater camera to take home to the smallest detail of those beautiful memories of your vacation in west view of San Andres Colombia.

In this site, you and your whole family will spend unforgettable hours doing a lot of activities such as swimming, diving or snorkeling, playing with the ball, throwing from the trampoline or from the rocky surface and so many more things that I leave to your imagination when you are there in this natural spa, expelling all that adrenaline that you carry inside you, and then to replace your energies and to please your palate, what better decision than to visit the different places where they offer you exquisite seafood dishes with fresh products just taken from the immense sea…

There you can delight your palate with a delicious soup of crab, lobster, seafood casserole, shrimp cocktail, and other varied and succulent seafood dishes at a good price … I invite you to inquire about other sites of interest on the island of San Andres so that you can make a firm decision about where you are going to spend your next vacation !!

Did you enjoy this reading? … I know that if … for which I wish to make you a new invitation from another great site in San Andres Islands … this time I will talk about the beautiful and paradisiacal island of Johnny Cay … I hope you enjoy it and until next time!

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